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Real Conversations with Dr. Matt

Real Conversations with Dr. Matt

October 28th, 2013
Be sure to check out our first segment of Real Conversations with Dr. Matt featuring our friend Kimberly Kelly. New segments to be released weekly for the next 6 weeks.

It's kind of a big deal....

November 12th, 2012
Today we observe Veteran's Day and it's kind of a big deal for some and should be a huge deal for most. You see, Veteran's Day is a day of loss and mourning just as it is a day of celebration and tribute. This day is for all the servicemen (and women) who have served or are currently serving in our armed forces of The United States of America. Many of those we honor today and pay respects to have died protecting this country's freedoms both here and abroad. Many of those we honor today have heard a calling to serve, knowing full well the possible detrimental effects and risks of doing so. Many of those we honor today will be better for their service in action and in discipline and many consider it an honor to serve or have served, just as we honor them for doing it.
You see, standing to protect our civil liberties, our rights and our freedoms is kind of a big deal. Some will never feel called to do so and some do not appreciate or even respect that we indeed have these things. Others just have this burning sense of patriotism and desire to protect that which is so precious and yet so invisible. I was never called to serve when I was younger, but as age has crept on me I have found this sense of utter pride and shear patriotism for love of our country and all those who serve it. If I were 18 today, who knows? Maybe I would stand to serve with pride in my gut and honor in my heart. But my time has passed.
This country and those who protect it is kind of a big deal because my oldest son, Matthew, from the time he was about 7 has said he wants to serve in the military. I remember feeling strange and awkward about that and as loyal to this country as I am, found myself discouraging him from this endeavor and thought. But the boy never waivers from his telling Ann and I that he wants to serve, and more specifically, wants to serve as a Navy Seal. My heart used to cry out when he would say that but something happened to me a few years ago that changed my thinking on this: I woke up!
I realized one day that God has given us all, each and every one of us, some special gift and talent that we are supposed to find and use in our lives. God blessed me with my abilities and talents, and those certainly cannot be someone else’s if they do not feel called in them. Maybe God has other plans for Matthew. Maybe he is called and blessed to serve our military and our country in a way we do not know yet. Maybe he is great at all those military video games for a reason. Maybe his eagerness to serve is indeed a calling. Maybe his serving our country is his way of serving our God. When I finally realized this, I changed my words and I changed my thoughts and I changed my attitude about it all. His desires are his and maybe even His. Regardless of which, it is still kind of a big deal.
Ann and I recently had a flag pole installed at the house, as well as one at the office. Several people have thanked me personally and admired them both, and some have even asked if I was in the military. It seems that honoring our country by flying our flag resonates with many, especially those who have served or have loved ones who served or are serving. We placed the flag in support of this great nation and all the people who stand to serve and protect it both foreign and domestic. We are proud Americans and patriots to the core. With so much lost in translation today and the changing tide of upbringing and attitude, we still stand to honor the ways of the old and new as long as they stand to serve our great nation. Flying the flag is kind of a big deal.
Yes, I did mention God in the same context as our country and our flag. The basics by which this country was founded still stand in my mind and in my heart. Call me “old fashioned”, but I still believe in America. I still believe in our people, and especially all those who have been called or are called to serve it. I still believe in our flag and what it stands for and I still believe in God. As I stand each and every day to honor the flag which flies in front of my house, I still place my hand over my heart and recite “The Pledge of Allegiance” under God. You see, not all is lost in the world and on a day like this I am reminded of that fact. On a day like today I humbly bow and give thanks to all servicemen and women who have served and lived, who have served and died, who are currently serving, and who will be called to serve in the future to protect this great nation, the people who live within it and the God who oversees it all. Today, like all days, is kind of a big deal…. May God bless all veterans and may God bless America!

"It's only hair!!"

March 15th, 2012
So today is the last day at the office seeing patients with this mop of hair on top of my head! At this point the Bald Bynums have raised over $5k for children’s cancer research and awareness and I am humbled that people continue to support such a great cause and us doing this every year. As I stare down at the brochure from the St. Baldrick’s organization, I am reminded of why we continue to let our vanity go and walk around bald headed. It’s only hair! Our hair grows back and grows back quick! But the children who suffer with this horrific disease and the harsh radiation and chemotherapeutic regimens, don’t quite have that same luxury. Their hair falls out, in clumps until it is all gone. Some leave the small remaining straggling hairs on their head because it allows them to feel some sense of normalcy. I always wondered, but I now understand.
I am asked about my head shaving every year by people I know and people I don’t. In doing this it opens up a platform to be able to speak about one of the things that would terrify me as a father: Having one of my kids be struck with cancer. I can’t imagine what the kids go through, let alone the parents. Heck, when my kids get sick and lie on the couch helpless it hurts my heart. What can I do? I can continue to pray for those effected that they have minimal suffering and that they find a cure. I can continue to keep all who suffer from cancer in my thoughts and I can talk to people about it where others may not even look because it scares them. And I can continue to shave my hair off to help bring awareness to the growing epidemic that strikes children and people of all ages.
Maybe as I grow older I see things differently than ever before. I have learned this as having “soft eyes”. The way I see things now is very different than the way I used to see them when I was younger. Call it maturity (of which I am doubtful!) or call it being in touch with my feminine side. I don’t care what you call it! My heart is open and it hurts for those who suffer. If I could take it away, I would. If I could make it magically disappear, I would. But I can’t. Instead, my eyes grow softer, my hair grows longer and I recognize there are many others less fortunate than I that are hanging on by a thread and looking for hope in anything they can find. I hope my vanity is one of those things. I have always said that it’s only hair, but to those in need and who are suffering it is much, much more than that.
If you are reading this before the big event on March 18th, please consider making a donation and linking onto our page to do so at Stay tuned for the before and after pics and God bless all those who suffer with any form of cancer and those who have made donation to help fight it!

The Boys of Summer

February 6th, 2012
Last night I was witness to an incredible show! That’s right, Madonna returned to the stage and spotlight as she did in the 80’s (minus the near fall!) to put on a great show, and a football game broke out! ;-) But seriously, what a great game to end the NFL season. The Patriots and the Giants battled it out and Eli Manning and his salsa dancing Giants emerged victorious! A nail biter all the way til the last second as the Hail Mary fell to the ground after being tipped away. So one season ends and another begins! That’s right; it’s time for the boys of summer to take the field!
There’s something special about this time of year. I grew up playing baseball. I didn’t know it til around high school, but there is something special about getting to hit the field again after a long winter’s break. The smell of the freshly cut grass; the sprinklers glistening in the sunset as they cool and calm the field; and the buzz of baseball everywhere. It starts with the talk of the coming season and the loosening of the old arm that has been in hibernation for months, and builds with each and every workout and conditioning drill until that day finally arrives: Game Day!
In college it seemed that life was about baseball, because it really was. Off-season training and conditioning where you would sweat so much your hat had a nice white ring of salt around it and down the bill; hitting drills on the tee, in the cage and at the plate til your hands hurt and the blisters began to callous over; ground balls til the sun went down or until your first baseman couldn’t see the ball you were throwing anymore. Then season opened up and the games and travel began. Baseball every single day! Man, did I love to play baseball. I miss it, to be honest. I mean I get to be around it all the time as my boys have taken to baseball as most do, but today I am Coach. Coach Matt, Coach Bynum or just plain Coach. That’s what I do, that’s what I am and I love it!
This past weekend I saw the spark hit Matthew’s eyes and something inside him is beginning to click. I sense that he is aware of his talent and the breakout is coming. The fever is setting in and the time to play is upon us. We bought a new bat for him to play with and I swear I don’t think he put it down all weekend. I am almost positive he slept with it! Funny thing is, I used to do the same thing. He asked to hit all weekend and we did. Man did he look good! Form was great, swing tight and compact and the pop off the bat was quick and powerful. I saw it in his eyes after that first bucket of balls and that smile of confidence I have been looking for came back.
This is the time of year when players return to the field and as a coach you begin to notice the changes each player is undergoing. Some have growth spurts in the winter where they return and are much taller; some return and puberty has or is setting in and the body changes and all that comes with it are noticeable; some return and the strength changes are very noticeable as they throw and hit much harder; but in every single player the return brings a new level of confidence, enthusiasm and personal growth. This is what I love about being a coach. I love seeing the baseball skills get better and each player get stronger, but I love seeing these good boys turning into good men. That is really why I continue to coach. I have taken it as a personal mission to assist these boys in becoming good men all throughout their lives and not just in baseball.
They refer to baseball players as the “Boys of Summer” because baseball is a summer sport and heroes and role models for young boys and even some young girls file out onto the baseball fields all over America to play the true American past time. But as a dad and a coach, I view the “Boys of Summer” slightly different than most. Summer means vacation for most kids and the worry of schoolwork and tests and school lunches disappears. Playgrounds, vacations, swimming and of course baseball then fill in all remaining time of the day. With baseball comes teamwork, camaraderie, friendships and a sort of coming of age for each of the young men who play. It’s a game where you rely on your teammates and your friends, but you learn so much about yourself. There are lessons in baseball that parallel the lessons in life and those lessons become more meaningful as you age and move through the ranks and divisions of the game.
I love the game of baseball. My love for the game now is different than when I was a player. I look for that spark I saw in Matthew’s eyes in all the kids I coach. I look for the laughs both on and off the field in the kids and parents who stake their claim at the ball field 3-4 times per week. But most importantly I look for the opportunity to love these boys and to help them grow into good men by using the sport we all love to illustrate some of the lessons in life. So have a catch with your son or daughter, grandkids or neighbor; maybe throw or hit some pop flies or grounders; but most importantly love on those kids like the end of a season is upon you. Baseball season may just be beginning, but blink and the summer is over and football season is here all over again…

A New Year, A New YOU!!!

January 10th, 2012
Well, the New Year is off and underway whether you were ready for it or not! Bowl games played out in late December and into this year for college football, while NFL playoffs started leading all watching into the famed “Super Bowl”. The end of the year has always marked a culmination of efforts and hard work, while the beginning has always marked a fresh start. We don’t really get a reprieve from life as the clock strikes midnight on December 31st, but we feel like it does! This one time of year gives us all an opportunity to remove ourselves from a year’s worth of excuses and good stories. This one time of year allows us the change our mindsets and shift into a new way of thinking, even if only for a little while. You see, this one time of year you are afforded an opportunity to recreate yourself and your direction all by just making that conscious decision to do so. Your past is just that, the past!
So what will you do with this newfound freedom? What will you accomplish with this fresh new start? What dreams will you achieve because you finally have said to yourself that “enough is enough” and have made the decision to let everyone know that you are indeed worthy? What does this year hold for you that last year didn’t? And what is it going to take for you to reach whatever it is you strive for?
I don’t know about you, but last year flew by before I could really figure out it was doing so. Christmas hit and I looked up and asked myself where all the time went. I felt like that the whole year! I reached a few of my goals, but not as many as I wanted. I have heard many say that last year “just sucked!” Well, I can see where they are coming from and can almost buy into that thought with one exception: Attitude. Zig Ziglar said “Your attitude determines your altitude”, and I agree with that whole heartedly. What you think about you bring about, and where you focus your time and attention is where you will find results. But it is all just talk and motivational phrases unless you really believe it!
So do you? Do you believe that you determine your own success? Do you buy in to the concept of attitude? I don’t mean three snaps in a “Z” formation type attitude either! I am talking about your outlook on yourself, your day, your life, your work, your friends, your finances, your everything! What is your attitude/outlook on everything? Are you a doom and gloomer? A Debbie Downer? OR are you the upbeat, positive, happy go lucky person most sneer at because you are just too damned happy?! This is what my first book was written about. The Boomerang Effect is just what you think of when you hear it. What you put out there comes back to you, always. But ultimately it comes down to choice. In the end that is really all we have. You can choose to fly with eagles or choose to stoop with pigeons.
This brings me back to the New Year. I know that because the calendar flips we shouldn’t be able to just “start over”; but for some odd reason we believe we get to do just that! So what are YOU waiting for? Forget about 2011 and all the things you did or didn’t do. Forget about the bad times and the things that didn’t go your way, or many others for that matter. This is 2012! This is YOUR time! Now go out there and take it!

In Loving Memory....

December 19th, 2011
We at Bynum Aesthetic Dentistry consider all of our patients to be an extension of our family here at the office. It is for this reason that I write this letter to our extended family with such a heavy and broken heart just before the Christmas Holiday. Saturday afternoon we learned that our beloved hygienist, team member and friend, Mica Martin, had passed away Friday night.

Mica had been married only 2 months to the love of her life, Brian Martin. Together they were just beginning to start their lives. Mica was with us here at the office for nearly 1 year and in that time she had made so many people both happy and healthy. We will always remember her smiling face, her beautiful eyes and her laughter. We cannot even begin to imagine the pain and suffering that her husband and family are feeling right now, because our pain is tremendous and can only be a fraction of theirs.

At this time I ask that you all please extend your prayers, your heart and your blessings to Mica, her husband Brian, their families and our family here at the office. Your patience is greatly appreciated as we work through this extremely difficult time, but your thoughts and prayers mean even more. Mica will be laid to rest back home in Tennessee and the details of her proceedings have yet to be determined. Mica was a loving and beautiful soul, and she is and will be missed by everyone. We can only hope that she now has peace. May God have mercy on her soul and keep her close to His love and His grace. Rest in peace, Mica. We love and miss you.

Dr. Matt

Just Another Day....

December 13th, 2011
There are two words that somehow always seem to bring a smile to just about anyone’s face. Those two words are: “Happy Birthday!” Funny thing about saying happy birthday is that you really just can’t say it. I mean you can, but it doesn’t feel right for some reason. So what happens is that you kind of yell it, scream it or say it out loud for others to hear when you do! You may be laughing right now because you know I am right!

Well, yesterday was my birthday and I turned 44. That’s right, 44! I am not 39 again or thirty something as so many others claim to be. I am 44 and proud to be aging gracefully as my mother would say. Sometimes I don’t feel so graceful though and really never have I felt a day older than 43! ;-) Yesterday was an awesome day! I worked which some think is odd… I mean that I actually worked not that I worked on my birthday! I started my day up and out of the bed at 5:30 to head downstairs, sleepy eyed and dragging tail to the treadmill. Thirty minutes later I was red-faced and sweating like a mad man as I headed upstairs to shower and get ready for the day. After all, it was just another day. Ann met me at the door to the bathroom and gave me a kiss and a “Happy Birthday!” Ha! First smile of the day.

I jumped in the shower and out only to be greeted by my boys one by one. “Happy Birthday!” each one of them shouted as they walked in the bathroom spread out in 3-5 minute intervals. Ha! Ha! Second, third and fourth smile of the day. Then came Tascha and Mira Ann and the 5th and 6th smile of the day! I then headed out for a morning coffee and on to the office to start the day. I was met at the back door by my amazing team and more loud wishes of “Happy Birthday!” Five more smiles! Then came a breakfast birthday cake that Ayns had made and the first singing of “Happy Birthday to you!” Smiles and laughs followed! Throughout the day I received many wishes from my awesome patients and from my pedo girls. I finished the day and left thinking how blessed am I?!

I was asked if I had anything special planned for the day or for the night which leads me to the best part of my day. My birthday celebration ended with dinner with my family, much the way the morning started my day. Dinner, laughs, cards, presents, laughs, birthday cake, and many more laughs. What is funny is that when you celebrate a birthday you are allowed to look foolish and carry on. Eyes were on our table as the boys laughed out loud, danced in between the tables and stole my food from my plate. Birthday wishes, kisses and laughs with the ones who make me who I am. I lost count of the smiles somewhere throughout the day, but can never forget how special a day I had in the company of my family, my friends and my patients. Thank you to all of you who wished me a “Happy Birthday!”

They say your birthday is just another day….. Well, I’ll take it each and every year with smiles on my face all day as I do. And to think today is my youngest son John’s birthday…. I wonder if his turning 8 today is “Just another day”…. Somehow I doubt it! ;)


December 1st, 2011
As we move away from Thanksgiving and into the remainder of the holiday season, I must take some time to reflect on gratitude. Gratitude is often neglected and seldom practiced. I have heard it said that today is a gift which is why they call it the present. Clever indeed, but do you really take the time to consider how true this really is? I am no better than any one person out there and as a matter of fact, I am just like you. I take for granted the things in and around my life which make it so amazing. Only in times of challenge and solace do we really sit down and reflect on how truly blessed we are.

I am grateful for so many things that I cannot list or detail them all. I am grateful for waking up in the morning, and in doing so I am grateful to look next to me and see my beautiful wife and best friend, Ann. I am grateful that I have a roof over my head and heat to keep me warm. I am grateful that as I have hot water running over my head rinsing the shampoo from hair that I am nudged out of the way of that water by one or two of the joys in my life, Matthew, Luke and John. I am thankful for my nearly adopted daughter Tascha and her baby girl (the boys closest thing to a sister!) Mira Ann. Indeed I am blessed.

I am grateful for the health and love of all of my family, in-laws and out-laws! I am grateful for having a mother and father-in-law so caring and so close to us in distance and in love. I am grateful to work with such an amazing group of women who put themselves out there for the cause and for those who seek our help and counsel. I am grateful to have a practice full of patients who believe and trust in me and my team to provide them with avenues of health and enhancement. I am grateful to have the opportunity to serve and to smile nearly all day long because of those special people who enter into my life here at the office.

I am grateful for the experiences past, present and future which have formed and will continue to form the man that I am and that I am becoming. I am grateful that life is full of both good and not so good because without the contrast I could never truly know the blessings of being grateful. Lastly, as we move into the Christmas holiday, I am grateful for the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Through Him all things are possible and made manifest.

Why is this blog entry on gratitude you may be asking? Well, introspection is a funny thing. As I have said before, I am a blessed and fortunate man. Last week, my family and I ventured out to one of our special places to spend the holiday skiing. We love Park City, Utah for so many reasons, but the ease of travel there and back in and out of Salt Lake City makes it too easy to go. We frequent The Canyons resort an d alternate years from there to Steamboat Springs, Co. Both places are family friendly, and the snow cannot be beat. Something about fresh powder on the slopes makes you smile and gain newfound confidence in your abilities! Well, after just riding the lift up to the top of the mountain, I stopped to put my goggles and gloves on and watched as my family started down the slopes with my youngest, John, leading the charge. As he cheered and yelled the entire way down followed by his brothers skiing off in the woods and their mother speeding down the hill like a crazed turtle, something hit me. How grateful am I to be on top of a mountain with sunshine and snow capped peaks, doing what some will never do and wondering when skiing with mom and dad will no longer be cool? I am grateful.

Prior to us leaving Greenville, the son of some of our friends was involved in a car accident leaving him bruised up and his friend in a coma in the hospital unsure of his future and if he would even wake up. At 16 short years, life is so young and so new. My heart hurt for both families, but especially for the family of the kid whose life was uncertain. How could it possibly feel to sit and wonder if your son will live or die? How could it possibly feel to know that your son was the reason the accident happened? Ann and I prayed for the families and for the boys and we asked for strength and healing and that Jackson would wake and soon after recover. As we boarded the lift to go back up the mountain Ann received a text that he woke up and was moving and talking. Tears filled my eyes then as they do now writing about it. God is good. I am indeed grateful.

All life is precious and should never be taken for granted. This holiday season; make it your personal challenge to be grateful for everything in your life. Start when your feet hit the floor in the morning and stop when your head hits the pillow and your eyes close for the night, then repeat. It’s December 1st today so make it a point to start today! What do you have to be grateful for? Who are you grateful for? A new year approaches; maybe it’s time for a new you! Begin with the basis of gratitude and see where it might take you and who it might make you. For having the opportunity to share this… I am grateful.

"Stop the war in My Rack!"

October 10th, 2011
October is the time of year when fall is upon us and the coolness of the winter begins to let us know she is coming. Pumpkins magically appear in roadside stands, and halloween costumes pop up in the stores all around us. October is also "Breast Cancer Awareness Month". Truthfully, I never really paid much attention to this until about 5 or 6 years ago when several of my patients came in with histories of breast cancer and treatment. And now it seems there is always someone within 3-4 degrees of seperation that has been effected by this horrific disease.

Last year, my mother-in-law, Patti, was diagnosed with breast cancer and our bouts with the dreaded "C" were once again realized. Surgery, reconstruction and healing all come with the territory but those of us who have had no direct personal experience with this process will never know. Instead, we stand in observance of the true strength that our friends and family members have as they battle the unseen monster. Somehow strength doesn't really characterize and give justice to those that battle. These warriors defy weakness and loss.

The week before last, my family set out in full support of Patti and other friends and family who had done battle, and together we ran in support of the Susan G Komen foundation to support breast cancer awareness and research. The turnout was amazing! Survivors all around us and others just there to show their support. Speaking of support, one of the best t-shirts I saw on the run was a camo shirt which had some writing on the back that said: "Stop this war in my Rack!" I laughed as she ran by me, but in thinking about it, doesn't that about sum it up?

Who do you know that has been effected by breast cancer? I would imagine that you don't need to look very far to find someone. The research is advancing and the drugs are beginning to show promise. However, the best thing we have is early detection. Women need to be self-examininig and also must be maintaining a regular check-up with thier physician. You can never be too careful as so many have found out, unexpectedly. My challenge to you all reading this is to stand up and support the cause, the cure and the many who have been and will be effected by this disease process. Raise money, donate money or just make others around you aware. Heck, if an entire football team can wear pink on the field, why can't you wear it for the month or a day at the very least? Show your support! Be a ta-ta supporter! ;-) I have comitted to wearing pink all month long and we at the office will be showing our support daily by wearing pink gloves and handing out pink toothbrushes. They say real men wear pink anyways!

What will you do to show support and raise awareness?

Luke 6:31

September 18th, 2011
"Do unto others as you would have them do unto you". One of the basic principles of how life is supposed to be led. But why has this been lost by so many? I have been doing quite a bit of traveling here lately as I advance my education in dentistry and in personal growth and finances. I have always said that if you want to get a quick pulse on how the world is working today, just travel through an airport and watch what is happening around you.

I have encountered some very "sour" people in my days of travel. You know the ones that stand at the ticket counter and berate and yell at the ticket agent who just happens to be there doing his/her job. I saw this just yesterday in Charlotte when a flight was cancelled due to mechanical issues. Seriously? Like she had anything to do with the failing mechanics of the landing gear! What's worse is that the gentleman, or rather butthead, demanded that the flight take off as he was going to be late. Really? I say go for it dude! You fly it and you attempt to land it with no landing gear! ;-)

And then I saw, or rather heard, a gentleman (butthead) get out of his seat as we were nearly landing in Phoenix because he needed to get to his flight which was to take off in 10 minutes. Ha! So getting up out of your seat when we haven't landed, and haven't pulled up to the gate is going to get you to the flight quicker? Don't we all know you must "remain seated until the pilot has turned off the fasten seat belt sign"? (you can tell I fly a bit huh?) Yet, he argued with the flight attendant who after some discussion back and forth came back up front to her seat all red-faced from the confrontation. The world is full of crazy people!

Then there was the woman who gets it. A custodial worker walking through the halls of the Charlotte airport, pushing her cart and singing and telling everyone to smile and be happy because this was the Charlotte airport and people are supposed to be happy in Charlotte! I loved it! Smiles and laughs came from some and looks and pointing came from others. The contrast from what I had witnessed earlier was simple and perfect.

Life is supposed to be lived and lived to its fullest. You have been created in His likeness and you were created and born into greatness. Yet, most have been conditioned into mediocrity by your surroundings and your circumstances. I guess that is how life deals the cards to you, but that is not how you have to take them. You can give them back and ask for new cards! Re-shuffle the deck and play a new game if you want! Just remember that with everything you do, someone is watching! How would you want to be talked to? How would you want to be treated? How would you like to feel? Maybe everyone reading this will take the day, the week, the month to try and live by the words in Luke. And maybe, just maybe more people will just smile and wave in the process...... Like the custodian in the airport. ;-)

Sometimes we ALL need a reminder....

August 18th, 2011
Saturday morning Ann and I rose at about 5:15 so we could awaken the boys, get them dressed and arrive at the Tri to Cure tristhlon event held at Furman University. All three have competed at this event for the last 3 years. While they slept in the car, Ann and I registered them, placed stickers and numbers where they belonged and set the final stages for their race as we have done many times before oursleves. They had put in the time in the weeks beforehand swimming in the pool, and running some outside in the neighborhood. They were ready for a morning of fun!

Watching those boys come out of the pool and run up the hill into the transition area is always my favorite part because the look on their faces is priceless. Just boys being boys, running and playing it seemed, all while in the throws of competition. Each of them finished strong having a great race day, but our 7 year old John had an amazing day! John finished 1st in his boys ages 6-8 division ahead of all the other kids by almost 3 minutes! What was so awesome about that was the fact that he didn't even know after the race, and quite honestly didn't care until he got that trophy!

Fast forward to Monday and Tuesday in the office where I had my periodontal consultant, Peggy Blackburn, come out from California to get us updated and back on track doing what is best for our patients and their health. She is amazing as well! Teaching us and in particular the hygienists, the latest techniques and advancements in the area of periodontal/gum health. Working hand in hand with Mica and Rebekah, I could see a slight transformation take over on their faces as the information overload settled down, and the needs of the patients take the lead. Things just someohow come together when you do the right things for the right reasons.

Why do I mention those two events and how are they related? Here goes: Often times in life we forget just how amazing we ALL are in the context of life and we need to be reminded! The lessons learned from these two stories is cool. My 7 year old John has no idea what a podium is or that there was even trophies for the top finishers. He shows up, has fun and races with a smile on his face the entire time! He put in his time beforehand getting ready and he finished ahead of the others by nearly 3 minutes! He won!

Peggy shows up and after 2 intense days training, our delivery of health for our patients is instantly changed for the better. But here is the kicker. Mica and Rebekah understand their role in that health and they understand their worth to the patients, the practice and the team. They aren't just hygienists who scrape teeth and tell you to floss more! They get it and they got it! They won!

I was reminded by both John's finish and having Peggy back in the office that I am indeed a lucky man! I have an amazing family both at home and at the office and I am blessed and honored to be able to spend time with them all each and every day. I too need to be reminded of a few things: Life is short so have fun doing what you do in everything you do!; Show up and put in your time and you always come out a winner!; and lastly, life has a way of showing you what you need... you just need to keep your eyes open! What do you need to be reminded of?

Change is good!

August 8th, 2011
Let me be the first to welcome you to the new site! All my life I have watched as people coward from changes going on around them. Some are too scared to advance; some are too comfortable to move; and yet some stand in the face of change and scream: "Bring it on!" I have always been one of those guys!

This new site represents so much that I have been crawling out of my skin for this day to arrive. Bynum Aesthetic Dentistry is embracing change in so many ways that we are excited to see and hear your responses! This new site is about interaction and convenience. You have the power to view about anything you want on this site pertaining to services, photos, videos and now live chat interaction with my treatement concierges Aynsley and Hayley. That's right! Live interaction to make your scheduling and answers to your questions instantly available during office hours!

You will see blogs packed full of everything from dental information to inspirational/motivational messaging to funny personal stories that will have you laughing out loud while reading them. You'll see videos of the same and if you are a dental professional you will have access to procedures and video messaging that you will want to return weekly for and might even gather your teams around the computer so you can all learn together.

You are going to meet some of our clients who we consider family and friends and you will see our smile of the month each and every month which will blow your hair back!

This is all new and a change from the old site. We are going back to the roots of our practice and focusing in on our patients, family and friends. It is an honor to be able to serve you and your trust and faith in us is a relationship we will not ever take for granted.I hope you enjoy the new site and find it a place you come to often for information, updates and laughs. This change is for you, and this change is good!

New Website Launching August 5, 2011

July 25th, 2011
We are excited about our new website launching August 5, 2011 featuring many new interactive, social and real-time features including Live Chat during office hours. Be sure to check back and bookmark.

Welcome to the new Dr. Matt Bynum website! We hope you will bookmark it for future reference and come back often.

June 6th, 2011
Be sure to check out our new galleries, videos, and connect with us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.