Radio personality Bill Ellis got a teeth replacement procedure at our dental office in Simpsonville, South Carolina. Hear how Teeth Tomorrow dental implants transformed Bill’s smile and how happy he is he made the decision to get replacement teeth.


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Have you been hiding your smile due to gaps from missing teeth? Have you been putting off getting dental implants? Many people have fear of the dentist — we understand. It’s not uncommon. But our dentist doesn’t want you to suffer needlessly. Our dental clinic has the tools to make your smile complete again, and we can make you thoroughly comfortable throughout the procedure.

Tooth implants do not only improve your appearance drastically, but they improve your dental health as well. Tooth implants keep your jaw healthy and strong. If you go years without replacing missing teeth, your jaw can deteriorate, causing your face to take on a sunken appearance. Dentures and bridges are just cosmetic — they are not implanted in your jaw and do nothing for jaw health.

Whether you need a single replacement tooth, several tooth implants or a full arch of Teeth Tomorrow replacement teeth, our dentist can help. You’ll be amazed at how beautiful your new smile is, and you’ll wonder why you waited so long to get dental implants. Call our dental clinic in Simpsonville, South Carolina, today.

"When I come into the office I am ALWAYS treated better than I deserve. Dr. Matt and his team always make me feel special! Thank you all for everything you do for your patients!"

- Tony S.

"I have been a patient of Dr. Matt for over 10 years and my experience with Dr. Matt and his team has been nothing but the absolute best. Dr. Matt is a true professional with a terrific personality that instantly puts you at ease. This also extends to his team, they are some the most warm, caring and talented people I have ever met. They truly make you feel like family."

- Lisa S.

"The Ladies make you feel like family! It’s the first time in my life that I love going to the dentist! Dr Matt is wonderful, he knows his stuff and explains everything to you. He makes sure there is no pain involved and you are happy with the outcome! What a great dental practice!"

- Carla V.

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"What makes you smile?" is a question that we at Bynum Aesthetic Dentistry have asked our patients and friends for a long time now. Nearly 15 years to be exact! You see, we all have reasons for doing what we do and being who we are, but how often do we really sit down to take the time to really evaluate what it is that makes us smile? For some it is a loved one, a vacation or a feeling of being part of something bigger. Well, that's kind of what drives us here at Bynum Aesthetic Dentistry…. Being part of something bigger than ourselves!

So we ask people what makes them smile, and everyone has a different response. That is what makes us love, honor and appreciate our patients. At Bynum Aesthetic Dentistry we want to be a part of what it is that makes you smile! So I have a question for you: "What is it that makes you smile?!"

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