General Dentistry

At Bynum Aesthetic Dentistry, we’re known for dental implants and other cosmetic procedures, but we provide general dentistry services as well. We’re Simpsonville, South Carolina’s, favorite full-service dentist office — our customer reviews prove it!

What Is General Dentistry?

General dentistry encompasses both preventive care and basic restorative services. Our dentist, Dr. Matt Bynum, recommends coming into our dental office twice yearly for exams and cleanings.

When you schedule a checkup at our dental clinic, you will first be seen by one of our dental hygienists, who will professionally clean and polish your teeth. Next, you will be seen by the dentist, who will perform an oral exam. This includes checking your teeth for cavities and your gums, cheeks, lips, tongue and neck for any signs of pathology, such as gingivitis, periodontitis and oral cancer. These twice-yearly checkups at our Simpsonville, South Carolina, dental office are important not just for cavity prevention and treatment, but also to catch any signs of disease as early as possible.

Most often, we treat cavities with composite fillings (we never use silver amalgam fillings). However, if the decay is advanced, the tooth is cracked or if another circumstance prevents us from using a filling, we may place a crown instead.

Teeth Replacement Solutions

When a tooth is too far gone for a crown, or a patient comes to us with missing teeth, our dentist talks to them about teeth replacement solutions.

The best solution for missing teeth is dental implants. Tooth implants look and function just like your natural teeth — in fact, no one will even know you have them!

When you get dental implants, a metal post is implanted directly into your jaw, and the tooth is permanently affixed on top. Dental implants are a better replacement tooth solution than a bridge, because they prevent the jawbone from atrophying and affecting the shape of your face.

Another teeth replacement solution we frequently use at our Simpsonville, South Carolina, dental clinic is Teeth Tomorrow. With Teeth Tomorrow, we provide large sections of replacement teeth — usually the entire upper or entire lower set, or both. We place four to six implants in the patient’s mouth and attach a set of teeth. These teeth are permanent and not removable.

Teeth Tomorrow teeth implants are a superior solution to dentures because they keep your jaw healthy and strong. One reason dentures need relining is because your jaw changes shape over time. This happens there are no teeth in place to keep it from degenerating. Implants improve jawbone density.

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