Dental Implants in Simpsonville, South Carolina

Dental implants are the preferred solution for missing teeth. If you have missing teeth or you are scheduled to get one or more teeth pulled, come see our dentist at Bynum Aesthetic Dentistry in Simpsonville, South Carolina. We can show you how much tooth implants can improve your smile.

Teeth Replacement in Simpsonville, South Carolina

Whether you lost one or more teeth years ago or yesterday, it surely troubles you somewhat. Depending on which teeth you are missing, it may cause you to smile differently — or not at all — to hide the gaps.

The reasons you may have opted not to get a replacement tooth or dental implants can vary. The main reason is usually some type of fear of the dentist. But rest assured at our dental clinic, we offer our patients a selection of anesthesia not just to numb the area being worked on, but also to assuage anxiety, if needed.

Dental Implants for Good Health

Many patients who come in for dental implants are motivated by aesthetic reasons. That’s understandable, but our dentist wants you to know that your health will improve when you get tooth implants as well.

If you don’t replace missing teeth soon after you lose them, your jawbone begins to lose mass in the spot where the tooth was. That’s because there is no tooth for it to support anymore. An atrophying jawbone can affect your appearance, especially if you have several missing teeth. Your face may take on a sunken appearance, in spots or in a larger area.

Additionally, even though you have likely become accustomed to eating despite your missing teeth, it’s not optimal. Especially if you have several missing teeth, you may have to avoid crunchy foods like apples, or hard-to-chew foods like meats. Avoiding food groups due to missing teeth can affect your nutrition.

Dental Implants for a Beautiful Smile

Letting years go by before getting tooth implants can also cause your remaining teeth to shift out of place. They may move toward the empty spots, leaving gaps in your remaining teeth. This can create a need for orthodontia before dental implants are placed. You may also need bone grafting, depending on how your jawbone has fared over time.

However, once your tooth implants are finally placed, you will wonder how you ever went so long without them! We have literally seen many patients cry tears of joy when they look at themselves in the mirror with their new dental implants.

Teeth Tomorrow

We use our Teeth Tomorrow replacement teeth solution when patients are missing many teeth. We sometimes replace the full arch on the bottom, top or both. Generally, four to six implants are placed, and all the replacement teeth are permanently affixed these posts. It’s a durable, beautiful alternative to dentures.

Contact our dental office in Simpsonville, South Carolina, today to learn more about dental implants. We restore not only your teeth at our dental clinic, but also your self-confidence.

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