Snoring Treatments and Solutions

At least half of people will snore at some point in their lives.  That figure varies more depending on age, sex, and health. Bynum Aesthetic Dentistry can help give you a restful (and quiet) full night’s rest by diagnosing and treating snoring.

Neuromuscular dentistry looks at the connection between the facial/throat muscles and jaw.  This significantly comes into play when treating our patients for snoring. 


Snoring is the result of a decreased airspace and even flow of oxygen inhalation and expulsion. Maintaining an open airway is crucial to not only guaranteeing a good night’s sleep but also for preventing sleep disorders such as sleep apnea, where the airway can cause breath to stop momentarily, leading to more serious health conditions. So while snoring may seem like a simple hindrance to those around you, identifying and treating the underlying problem is very important.

Most people are painfully aware that they snore from the people around them, but there are also health symptoms that are indicators of snoring. These indicators include dry mouth when waking and difficulty sleeping.  When symptoms become more severe such as forgetfulness, anxiety, and headaches, sleep apnea may actually be occurring instead. To learn more about sleep apnea, click here.


Several factors can contribute to snoring. These include:

  • Laying position.  When sleeping in certain positions such as on your back, snoring can be exasperated further due to increased pressure on airways.
  • Allergies and sinus problems.  Seasonal allergies and colds can cause airways to be blocked, or deviated septums may cause this problem.
  • Drinking Alcohol.  Alcohol can lessen muscle control, causing airways to relax. 
  • Being overweight. Excess weight will cause tissues to be larger or thicker, narrowing the airways.
  • Anatomy issues.  Excess tissues, shape of the soft palate, or the alignment of jaw & connective muscles may also contribute to snoring. 


There are many solutions to lessen or eliminate snoring from over the counter nose strips to appliance therapy such as mouthguards.  Our practice can help isolate the issue or issues causing snoring and either correct ourselves or recommend appropriate correcting methods. 


Call for your consultation today and get that good night’s sleep you deserve!

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