In Office Whitening Procedures

For lightening fast teeth whitening solutions, your best bet is with an in-office whitening treatment.  We offer two solutions for those seeking more advanced teeth whitening in the Greater Greenville and Simpsonville, SC area – laser whitening & the all-new KoR® treatment.


In Office Whitening with Laser:

Our laser and in-office whitening procedure is a simplified, less messy alternative to brightening your smile using traditional tray delivery systems. No longer do you have to wait weeks for results or wear those uncomfortable trays for extended periods of time. 

The process takes about two hours to achieve the desired results. While relaxing in one of our comfortable, self-massaging dental chairs, the teeth to be whitened are isolated with barrier control solutions, and the whitening gel placed. The whitening gel is removed and reapplied for up to three sessions. Each session lasts for approximately 20 minutes. Once complete, all the barriers and solutions are removed and rinsed clean.


The KoR® Method:

We are now offering an alternative to the “laser” type whitening procedures called “KoR®”.  This is an in-office, chair-side whitening procedure which utilizes advanced chemical formulation to remove deep dark stains internal to the teeth such as tetracycline and iron staining. The results are incredible, and the inconvenience is eliminated.

This process uses specifically designed trays that keep all saliva and moisture out so that the proprietary solution seals tight to your teeth.  The whitening gel itself is revolutionary.  Kept cold, the formula’s active whitening properties are kept active longer than average whitening gels, enabling whiter results faster. The result is a whitening treatment that works as well as laser, without the laser.  KoR® also contains a desensitizing agent as part of its whitening formula to remove any sensitivity during the process.  


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